Lip balm and gloss


Pamper your brand and lips simultaneously with custom lip balm and gloss, ensuring your message leaves a lasting impression with every application.

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Showing all 14 results

Welcome to the world of luscious lips and ultimate hydration – our collection of options is here to keep your lips soft and supple! Whether you’re in search of personalised balm we have just the right solution for your lip care needs.

Our balms go beyond basic care; they’re opportunities for personalisation and promotion. Imagine having your custom printed product, adorned with your unique design or logo. With our custom product options, your lips can now flaunt both health and style.

We offer a wide range of colours, with large stocks on hand for express turnaround. This giveaway is perfect for student open days, trade shows, and festivals. Also, don’t forget corporate ski trips and overseas events.

Explore our range and discover the perfect balm that pampers your lips while promoting your brand. From personalised touches to promotional flair, our products are designed to keep your lips irresistibly smooth. Stay moisturised, stay stylish, and let your lips do the talking with our customised balms!