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Make a lasting impression and foster a sense of belonging with personalised name badges, turning every interaction into a powerful branding opportunity that enhances professionalism and visibility.

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Showing all 15 results

Looking to make a lasting impression at your next event? Look no further than these badges. These small yet mighty accessories are the key to fostering connections and building rapport. Whether you’re after personalised badges for a conference or magnetic name badges for your staff, we’ve got you covered.

Personalised badges offer a professional touch that sets you apart from the crowd. With custom printing, you can add your name, title, or company logo to create a badge that’s uniquely yours. It’s a simple yet effective way to make introductions smoother and conversations more memorable.

Customised badges are more than just identification; they’re a reflection of your brand’s identity. With a range of materials to choose from, including metal and plastic, you can find the perfect match for your company’s aesthetic. Whether you prefer a sleek metal finish or a colourful printed design, there’s a badge to suit every style.

Magnetic name badges are a practical choice for busy professionals on the go. With strong magnetic fastenings, these badges stay securely in place all day long. It’s a hassle-free solution that ensures your team always looks smart and professional.

Printed badges are versatile and cost-effective, making them perfect for events of all sizes. Whether you’re hosting a small workshop or a large-scale conference, printed badges provide a seamless way to identify attendees and staff alike. So why settle for plain old name tags when you can make a statement with customised badges? Choose personalised name badges and make your mark with style.