Pencils and crayons


In the U.K., pencils and crayons are essential tools for unleashing creativity and expressing ideas. Our collection offers a diverse range of options, from classic graphite pencils to vibrant crayons, all customizable to suit your needs.

Customised pencils and crayons allow you to add a personal touch to your writing and drawing instruments. With options to tailor the color, design, and even add your logo or message, you can create a unique product that stands out and reflects your individual style.

Personalised pencils and crayons take customization a step further, allowing you to add names, initials, or special messages to each item. These personalized touches make for meaningful gifts or promotional items that are sure to be cherished by recipients.

With logo pencils and crayons, businesses can promote their brand with every stroke. By incorporating your logo or branding into the design, you can ensure that your message is seen by customers and clients every time they use your pencils or crayons.

For promotional events or corporate giveaways, our range of promotional pencils and crayons offers a practical and memorable way to promote your brand. Whether you’re distributing them at trade shows, schools, or community events, these items are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Whether you’re an artist, student, or business owner, our selection of pencils and crayons has something for everyone. Explore our range today and unleash your creativity with confidence.

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Showing 1–16 of 27 results