Why is the price different?

I saw a price on your website, but now you’ve quoted, the price is different!

There is almost always a reasonable explanation for why we have quoted the amount that we have.

This page seeks to explain some of the reasons why prices can be different.


  • It may be the case, that the price we publish on-line is for a different specification to your request.
  • The most common cause of a pricing differential is ‘branding’. For example, the published price may be for a 1 colour print but you have asked us to quote for a 3 colour print.
  • There are other differentials which effect particular product types or branding processes.

Origination and Delivery

  • Our website pricing does not include Origination or Delivery charges. Why?
  • At the point at which you are viewing our website, we do not know the artwork specification and delivery destination of any potential order you may place.

The price has changed

  • We endeavour to keep our website pricing up to date but with c15,000 products, each with 3 prices, we have c45,000 prices to maintain.
  • A large proportion of our products is imported so can be subject to currency exchange rate fluctuation. The pricing of some product types, for example, USB memory drives change every 24 hours.
  • So why publish pricing if you can’t keep it up to date? The alternative is for us not to publish pricing, but when we did this our customers complained that it made the process of comparing products more difficult.
  • We make every effort to maintain accurate pricing and make the conditions under which we publish a price clear on this site; “Pricing shown is for guide purposes only and may change once artwork, sizes and colours have been confirmed. Guide pricing excludes VAT, origination and delivery. Supply subject to stock and/or production availability.”
  • All of our quotations have a limited validity which is clearly stated in the conditions. Again, the inclusion of this reflects the fluidity of the pricing environment in which we operate.