We supply Magic Concepts® puzzles

For over two decades, Magic Concepts has been a leader in providing innovative multisensory media solutions for marketers around the globe. Our signature product, the Magic Cube®, is favoured by numerous Fortune 500 companies for its effectiveness in branding, product launches, and internal communications.

Originally conceived in the 1920s as an educational device, the Magic Cube® was reimagined in 1991 as a marketing tool. Utilising laminated foil paper on precision-engineered blocks, the cube offers an exceptionally smooth folding experience that captivates and delights users. This fascination led to the expansion into other forms such as the Magic Diamond and Magic Can, evolving into the diverse range now known as Magic Concepts®.

Magic Concepts Media captivates and motivates through playful interaction and sensory engagement. The intriguing nature of our products enhances message retention, making communications more memorable. Research indicates that engaging in hands-on activities while processing information can triple recall rates and double the speed of recall. Additionally, Magic Cubes often become a focal point in workspaces, subtly reinforcing messages during meetings, phone calls, or reflective moments. Echoing the principles of Swiss educationalist Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, we believe that effective learning engages the head, heart, and hands.

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  • Magic Can
  • Magic Crystal
  • Magic Ring
  • Magic Triangle
  • Magic Pill
  • Magic Disk
  • Magic Diamond
  • Magic Cube
  • Magic Square
  • Magic Pak
  • Magic Orbit
  • Magic House XL
  • Magic Flip
  • Magic Ellipse
  • Magic Card 160