We supply Tile™ trackers

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Tile Bluetooth trackers and the free Tile app (compatible with iOS and Android) are designed to easily find misplaced keys, bags, wallets, remotes, and more.

Attach the Tile to your things, open the app, and tap Find to locate your stuff. You can also double-press the button on your Tile to ring and find your phone.

Fully customizable, Tile is the perfect gift to show appreciation or promote your brand.

Tile Bluetooth trackers, paired with the free Tile app, offer a seamless and efficient solution for keeping track of your belongings. Whether it’s keys, bags, wallets, or remotes, Tile is designed to make finding misplaced items a breeze. The compatibility with both iOS and Android devices ensures a wide user base can benefit from this technology.

The process is simple: attach a Tile to your belongings and open the app. With just a tap on the “Find” button, you can locate your items with ease. This eliminates the stress and frustration of searching for misplaced possessions, saving time and providing peace of mind. The simplicity of the Tile system makes it accessible to users of all ages and tech proficiency levels.

One notable feature is the two-way functionality. In addition to finding physical items with the Tile, you can also use it to locate your phone. A convenient double-press of the Tile button activates a ring on your phone, even if it’s on silent mode. This dual functionality adds an extra layer of versatility, making Tile an indispensable tool for daily life.

The fully customizable nature of Tile makes it a versatile and thoughtful gift. Whether expressing appreciation to employees, clients, or customers or promoting your brand through promotional giveaways, Tile’s practicality and modern technology make it a standout choice. You can customize the Tile with your brand logo, colors, or a personalized message, creating a unique and memorable item that reinforces your brand identity.

Beyond its utility, Tile presents a high-perceived value, making it an impactful gift that goes beyond the ordinary. The act of giving a Tile demonstrates a commitment to both convenience and innovation, leaving a lasting impression on recipients. Whether as a token of gratitude or a promotional tool, Tile Bluetooth trackers stand out as a practical, tech-savvy, and customizable solution.