Proofs – your questions answered

Yes, we will always send you a pre-production proof for approval. The proof will take the form of a PDF document attached to an email.

What do your proofs look like?

All of our proofs are provided in PDF format. Proofs are sent to you via email with a message requesting you to reply, simply stating ‘approved’ or ‘not approved’.

Do you provide an actual, physical proof i.e. a real product, branded exactly as it would be supplied?

No, not as standard. It may be possible in some cases but the cost to produce a one-off item is very high and you would be committed to paying for the origination costs even if you didn’t proceed with the job thereafter. Many years ago it was not uncommon to create physical proofs but now we rarely, if ever, do it. We can, of course, provide you with a plain sample subject to our Samples Policy.

Why do you send a proof?

We issue a proof in all cases, even if the job is a straight repeat of the previous production. This is done to protect all parties.

What happens when I approve a proof?

Within minutes of receiving your proof approval, we instruct our factory to commence with production.

What happens if I don’t approve the proof?

We won’t proceed with production until we have your proof approval. Our quoted lead time starts from the moment of your approval. So if you delay proof approval, you potentially delay delivery of the full production.

What happens if the proof is wrong?

If the proof is wrong, or you need to change something, just reply stating ‘not approved’ and detail why.

Can I change something after I’ve approved the proof?

No. We take your approval as an instruction to proceed with full production. As soon as you approve the proof you are committed to paying for the goods as per our terms and conditions.