Privacy Notice : Corporate Stores

Our data privacy notice – your questions answered.

What do you regard to be ‘personal information’?

Any information which identifies a person in any context. This can be a name, email address or telephone number as well as any other data associated with an individual. For example, your business contact information is deemed to be personal information within the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Did this website collect my personal information without me knowing?

We deploy cookies that allow us to improve the user experience of this website. These cookies assist with the functionality of the shopping cart, order process, account management and website security.

The following cookies are deployed during the use of this website:

Cookie nameCookie detailLifespan of cookie
Wordfence – Website Security
wfvt_XXXXXXXWordfence Cookie used to analyse user behaviour and group page views.1 Month
wfwaf-authcookie-XXXXXXXWordfence cookie used to authenticate user’s login request.24 Hours
wordfence_verifiedHumanWordfence Cookie used to verify if the visitor is a bot or human24 Hours
Woocommerce – Ecommerce system
woocommerce_cart_hashA unique identifier for your active cart24 Hours
woocommerce_items_in_cartKeeps count of the number of items in your cart24 Hours
wp_woocommerce_sessionA unique identifier that allows Woocommerce to reference your cart against the database information24 Hours

We, as a company, do not deploy tracked advertising campaigns based on information collected via or distributed by, cookies.

What personal information do you collect and store?

We store the personal information you provide during the course of communication with us. Typically, this is your name, email address, telephone numbers and the content of all communication.

We first collect your personal information when you make an enquiry about a product or service, request a quotation or a sample. We may also collect, store and supplement your personal information from, for example, your ‘email signature’ which you elected to append to emails sent by you to us.

If you have elected to pay us by credit card online, your payment is processed on our behalf by Stripe. You can read about Stripe’s privacy policy here

Where do you store my personal information, how secure is it and for how long do you store it?

We store your personal information on various computer servers, desktop computers and mobile devices located in multiple, physical locations. In some cases, your personal information is stored in systems which are provided to us by a third party i.e. a Customer Relationship Management database.

Each storage location is protected by security software with password protected user access only.

We retain your personal information until we are instructed by you not to do so or, we have decided that there is no legal or commercial need for retention. If we delete your personal information, we will follow the deletion process provided to us by our system providers.

Who do you share my personal information with and why?

We share part or all of your personal information with our suppliers for the purposes of providing the product, or service, you have engaged us to provide. In this context, a supplier is a third party, for example, a manufacturer, wholesaler or a courier company.

One of the most common reasons for sharing information with our suppliers is so that they can send goods to you directly, on our behalf. This saves time and allows us to offer you a reduced transport charge. Alternatively, all goods would have to be delivered to us first, only to be transferred on to you thereafter, at an additional cost.

Our suppliers are obligated to comply with all relevant data protection regulations.

We do not sell your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Will you send me unsolicited communications?

We send promotional emails, and emailed reminders, to people who have provided their personal information to us. We regard such use of personal information as reasonable and within the boundaries of ‘legitimate interest’. Promotional emails contain information relating to new products and special offers. Email reminders serve to ‘follow-up’ quotes or to remind a customer of a previous purchase. i.e. ‘this time last year you purchased X’.

It is possible to unsubscribe from our promotional emails.

What happens if I do not provide my personal information to you?

If we do not know your name and email address we cannot send you a quotation or chat with you online.

Without knowing your postal address we cannot send you a sample or ship any goods to you.

If we do not have a contact telephone number, we can’t speak to you about issues relating to your enquiry or order.

What if I would like you to remove my personal information from your systems?

Please contact if you wish us to remove your personal information.

What will you do if my personal information is compromised?

If we believe your personal information has been compromised or stolen, we will inform you within 7 days.

What if I have questions about my personal information?

Please contact