We provide a variety of processes for branding promotional merchandise. For over 20 years we have been producing embroidered, printed, engraved and embossed promotional items.

Our clients include many well-known organisations, our product range and pricing speaks for itself.

Put simply, you’ll get more promotional merchandise for less from us.

  • Digital print: printing digitally allows the transfer of a full-colour image onto a variety of surfaces. There are various types of digital printing process including laser, inkjet and dye sublimation. The type of product or surface, coupled with the production volume required, tends to dictate what digital process is most appropriate to use. Digital print is flexible in terms of applying personalised content and allows for smaller print runs.
  • Screen print: essentially a print ‘screen’ is a stencil. Ink passes through certain areas to the surface below, but not others. Screen printing is typically used for larger volumes of textiles, such as T-shirts. Inks are mixed to match Pantone™ colours. It is possible to screen print full-colour images onto textiles, but the set-up costs tend to make this viable for larger print runs only. Screen printing onto dark or bright coloured fabrics entails printing a white base down first, then ‘flash’ curing it (drying it) quickly, then printing the design on top.
  • Offset or litho printing: Offset printing refers to the transfer of an image from a printing ‘plate’ onto another surface. The ‘plate’ can take the form of a cylinder or drum. Offset printing is the preferred method for printing say a large volume of brochures or magazines. Offset printing is the traditional method for printing paper based communication, but the advent of digital printing has pushed it’s use more towards the higher quality and volume end of the printed matter market.
  • Pad printing: Pad printing, or tampographic printing, is ideal for placing a spot colour logo (not an image) onto a small or unusually shaped object. This is the most common process used for printing a wide variety of promotional giveaways.