Laser engraving

We provide a variety of processes for branding promotional merchandise. For over 20 years we have been producing embroidered, printed, engraved and embossed promotional items.

Our clients include many well-known organisations, our product range and pricing speaks for itself.

Put simply, you’ll get more promotional merchandise for less from us.

  • Laser engraving: A laser is used to ‘burn’ or ‘etch’ a design into the surface of a promotional item. A variety of surfaces can be engraved using this technique. From metal and aluminium to wood and even leather. Laser engraving creates a permanent mark which, in turn, helps to project a higher perceived value.
  • 3D or sub-surface laser engraving: When two laser beams focus onto the same spot they effectively shatter a tiny fraction of the crystal and create a dot.  Using lasers means the surrounded substance is left untouched and the accuracy is outstanding.  By building up the dots it’s possible to create a full three-dimensional image that has lifelike properties when viewed from all angles.I f all this talk about dots sounds a bit like traditional printing, then that’s because it is.  Just as with printing a 2D image onto paper where you can print the dots at different densities, e.g. 75dpi (dots per inch), 300 dpi; you can do the same with 3D.  And, just as with 2D, the higher the number the more detailed the image will be.