Rosslyn Marketing Services supply and manage marketing collateral.  We are an independent supplier of marketing products and services.

Marketing collateral is the collection of media and advertisements that are used to support the sales of a product or a service. We have the technical know-how and a vast sourcing network for high quality promotional merchandise.

Rosslyn Marketing Services for promotional merchandise –

Branding and marketing can help your business get noticed but, making the right impression is important! For the past 25 years we have created bespoke promotional items and other types of collateral for many well known organisations. If you want the perfect piece of collateral, we can make it happen.

Your marketing collateral is an integral component of your campaign. It requires thought and planning. First and foremost you need to focus on its intended purpose. How is it to be used? For example, is it consumer or B2B collateral? What is the message you want to deliver? What is the most effective means for you to deliver that message? You’ll find it much easier to select great collateral once you have resolved the basic issues relating to audience, purpose and message content.

We provide a consistent supply of brand continuity and offer helpful advice. Please contact us for your corporate giveaways, branded clothing and printed products.  Promotional items and printed corporate merchandise are our speciality.