Help with artwork

When we talk about ‘artwork’ we mean your logo or design.

To be able to brand an item with your logo or design, we need artwork. Nowadays, that means a file that can be attached to an email or downloaded from a link.

What do we need?

  • For logos, we need a .eps file. We can also work with .ai files and .pdf files in some cases.
  • For full-colour images, we need a high resolution .pdf file. We can also work with .psd and .indd files if they have been prepared to an agreed specification.

Where will I find artwork?

  • If you don’t work in the Marketing Dept., try there.
  • If you have a marketing or advertising agency, they should have it.
  • Your stationery printer or event company may be able to help.
  • Many organisations have a central repository for logos, fonts and other design assets. Maybe this is accessible via your corporate website, intranet or a Cloud-based folder system?
  • If you have a set of Corporate Identity Guidelines (typically a PDF document) send those in all cases.

But I thought the artwork I sent would be ok!

  • If we’ve said it isn’t ok, it means that we have attempted to use what you sent but on closer inspection, we can see that it’s not the right format in this instance.
  • Sometimes, people place a photo onto a page and then save that page as a .eps file. That won’t work, we just get a photo on a page not proper, editable or scalable artwork.
  • We often receive artwork that includes text. Occasionally the font that the text has been set in hasn’t been included with the artwork. That might be why we’ve queried the file, but it’s an easy problem to solve for the person who originally created the artwork. They just have to open the file and convert the text to ‘outlines’ (a couple of clicks). We would do it for you, but the reason there is an issue is because we don’t have that particular font.

What if artwork files just don’t exist?

  • This can be the case from time to time, especially for small businesses and clubs.
  • Someone will have to create the appropriate artwork file(s) for you.
  • If you don’t have the resources to do it yourself, we can quote to do it for you. The cost will be determined by the complexity of the design.

What are Pantone™ colours?

  • In some cases, we will ask you for reference numbers for each of the colours in your design.
  • Pantone is a commercial colour matching system. Every colour is given a number i.e. Red 032, Blue 280.
  • We don’t always need Pantone, aka PMS, numbers but we’ll ask if we do.

My designer wants a print specification so they can prepare the correct artwork file.

  • Great, just email their details and we’ll send a print specification over to them.
  • We’re happy to liaise directly with designers but will send our pre-production PDF proof to you for approval.
  • Notes for designers creating artwork.