Eco and ethical credentials

Eco and ethical promotional itemsWe have highlighted this product as it has eco and/or ethical credentials of note.

All our products comply with the essential safety and environmental requirements for sale in Europe; we can furnish official certifications for each.

An increasing array of our products boast supplementary environmentally conscious and ethical attributes. These attributes often pertain to the materials used in the highlighted product’s construction and/or the labor and environmental conditions during its production.

Additionally, manufacturing in close proximity to the point of sale, which minimizes the carbon footprint associated with transportation, can also serve as an endorsed environmental credential.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you’d like more details about this product’s environmental or ethical qualifications.

Additionally, we’ve published a series of posts that delve deeper into the materials used in the production of some of our featured products.

Many of our products comply with one or more of the following codes and accreditations;