Demand generation campaign fulfilment

The creative use of tangible products within mailing campaigns create more impact. Timed to tie-in with other activities, the arrival of an eye-catching and thought-provoking, product-based, mailing piece can serve as a potent call to action.

Some B2B mailing campaigns operate on the simple ‘do X get Y’ principle. For example, give our local salesperson a chance to pitch and you personally will receive a gift. This approach may seem crude in some markets, but the no-nonsense, direct nature of the message will appeal to others.

Other campaigns may serve as a ‘final piece of the communication jigsaw’ – you got our email, you saw us at the show, so here’s another level of communication designed to push you further through the sales pipeline.

Enclosing a physical item, within the mailer, takes your activity to another level. No longer is your material ‘just another piece of direct mail’. Now it’s ‘there’s something inside this’. Your campaign piece offers promise. Ooo..what’s this?

We can manage product-based campaigns for you. We source the content and packaging and ship everything via a carbon-neutral courier. We’ll help with checking your zip codes and we’ll report back with a list of verified recipients. If customs clearance and duty payments need to be managed we’ll handle those for you. And, if a package is lost, stolen or refused we’ll handle that too.

Here are some examples of projects we have worked on;

Client: All-flash data storage hardware manufacturer, summer end-user promotion

Fulfilment requirement: Design and source a retail quality beach towel and custom shape power bank. Package with a covering letter, translated into the appropriate local language, and deliver to individuals located throughout Europe. Each delivery to arrive within a set delivery window. Provide an on-line delivery report confirming ‘signed for’ date, manage any data issues, courier or customs queries and subsequent returns.

Notes: The beach towel was custom manufactured in Portugal. The power bank, which was designed to mimic the shape of the product the client sort to promote, was custom manufactured in Shenzen, China.

Client: Marketing automation app provider, agency partner promotion

Fulfilment requirement: Source and brand a teapot, teacup and tin of tea and package with a well-known brand packet of biscuits. Place into a mailing carton along with personalised literature. Mail to marketing agencies throughout Europe. Report and manage accordingly.

Notes: A U.S. company, with its principle marketing contact based in Johannesburg, we worked to pull together this project quickly. The product came from Poland, print and food sourced locally in the UK.

Client: Cloud data management company, end-user demand generation

Fulfilment requirement: Replicate and execute a U.S. demand generation campaign throughout Europe, the Middle East and South America. Create a fully customised mailing box, insert a printed card and an empty sunglasses case to create a small mailing pack. Mail to individuals located throughout Europe. Report and manage accordingly.

Notes: The central message of the campaign was ‘give us a sales meeting, and we’ll send you a pair of Ray-Bans to go into this empty case’. We then fulfilled the Ray-Bans directly to individuals who had subsequently agreed to a meeting. The client is U.S. based, with the project being jointly managed by their offices in Amsterdam and Palo Alto.

In addition to these examples, we’ve created ‘new starter’ kits for a rapidly expanding U.S. software company. For a major British based legal firm, we produced and delivered ‘launch gift packs’ to every member of staff, across 18 locations worldwide, to celebrate a corporate re-brand.

If you would like to discuss a potential requirement, please get in touch.


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