Has marketing lost its soul?

Has marketing lost its soul?So has marketing lost its soul?

Everyone used to want to work in marketing. It was the cool department. Those guys had fun, they got to go to places and do things. Not so much now.

The technicolour team has turned civil service brown. Playfulness is out. Analytics are in. If you can’t count it, better not do it.

For too many, creativity equals personal responsibility, and as all greasy-pole-climbers know, personal responsibility is the devil. Armies of once joyous and lively young souls now drool over graphs and tables of real-time stats. Click refresh. Click refresh. Click refresh.

Spreadsheet porn is the modern marketeer’s dirty little secret. They snort columns and rows. They knockback hits and likes. Take a look around, are you sitting in a room full of bean-counter zombies?

So if the marketing department has, in reality, become just an IT-Finance-Admin hybrid, what’s the point of it? If it’s all just statistics and apps, why not just automate the lot? Maybe there’s an HR AI algorithm planning to let you go as we speak!

Stop. Customers are human. Humans are sociable, emotional animals. People buy people. Goodwill is not a cryptocurrency.

It’s a radical thought, but maybe humans appreciate having a bit of fun! You know, like they actually want to be engaged by other humans. It’s the kind of stuff that traditionally passes you by because you’re usually too busy checking your phone! Maybe you need more of a life and fewer stats.

Behind those numbers on your screen lurk personalities, ideas, opinions, and relationships. Underneath the permafrost of big data flows a river of humanity.

So what kind of marketeer are you becoming? Real or synth? Human or droid? Dead-hand or warm-heart?

Has marketing lost its soul? Well, maybe it’s getting that way, and that could make working in marketing much less attractive to individuals with real flare(s).


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