KeepCup – the reusable cup you really want

KeepCup ukKeepCup. Hoover. Google. Thermos. You’ve really made it when your brand name becomes a noun.

KeepCup, like all great ideas, seems so obvious in hindsight. Why didn’t I think of that! In what parallel universe did disposable plastic cups seem like a good idea? Short-term thinking, and greed, really are the sins of our fathers.

But sneer not, you were guilty too. Your life is doubtless littered with eco-hypocrisy. But here’s the thing. You can make a contribution, a start.

Sure you like to fly away to sunnier climbs. Ok, you once put the wrong thing in the wrong bin and didn’t go back to make amends. Yes, you drive when you could get off your ass and walk.

KeepCup is one of those simple gateway products. It opens your mind to a new way of thinking. Do I really need to buy that? Do I really want to be left with all this packaging? How do my choices square with being environmentally responsible?

KeepCups are used in more than 65 countries around the world. KeepCup users divert millions of disposable cups from landfill every day.

You have to pay more for KeepCup. That’s because much more thought has gone into its design and construction.

We are authorised to sell branded KeepCups to approved clients. Yes, KeepCup actually wants to make sure that their product is associated with the right type of businesses. Pretty cool eh!

You can read more about this great product here.


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