Promotional rulers branded with your logo or design

Promotional rulers
Printed rulers

We supply a wide range of printed rulers. We print and engrave logos onto promotional offices sundries. Personalised promotional products are especially relevant for marketing campaigns. They’re ideal to launch a new product or service. We offer a wide range of desktop items for promotional gifts as well as for marketing campaigns. We also source bespoke products. We’ve got a great range of quality office accessories. Furthermore, we’re adding new products every month.

Customised rulers
Customised rulers

Branded and printed 15cm rulers are an ideal way to promote your company and corporate message. For instance, we supply large corporate and small businesses. To schools, sports teams and clubs. For retailers and charities. We supply organisations throughout the UK and EU. Marketing collateral also places your business on track for increased sales.

Marketing is made up of a collection of any type of media or information. Collateral marketing also includes promotional office supplies. For instance, they’re especially relevant for corporate shows, fairs and marketing events. Most of all, when engraved with the company logo. Consequently to build your brand and promote your products and services.

Printed rulers for marketing and promotions

Printed wooden ruler
Wooden rulers

Coloured ruler
Budget ruler
Laminated ruler
Plastic ruler
Flexi ruler
Green and good ruler
In fact, all these items can be personalised with your logo or message.

Office sundries are branded with your logo or colourful designs. In particular to make sure your promotional message stays in people’s minds. They offer powerful advertising for every industry. In conclusion, it’s an ideal to send your message.

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