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Our visit to the Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair 2014

We’re just back from the Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair 2014 where we saw lots of great new products.


Our focus this year was small electronics.

It’s clear that Mobile Power Banks, essentially rechargeable USB based batteries for your phone, are quickly establishing themselves as the “new USB drive”. Many suppliers led with Power Banks.


Power Banks are a really useful, small and portable promotional gifts which are not yet as ubiquitous as the USB drive. Check out the speaker/powerbank on the left.

But on the USB front, it seems more and more End Users are opting for custom shapes moulded from soft PVC. Expect special shapes for PowerBank shortly. As far as stock USB models go, we found a cool puzzle USB drive we hadn’t seen before. Call us about that.

We also saw these clever drives. Selling into a commodity sector? Encapsulate some of that commodity into a drive: coffee, sugar, rice, sand etc. They provide yet another angle to tying in what you do within the promotional gift itself.

IMG_0598Phone charger cables are very popular, how about this one which doubles as a USB hub. We now have sources on many types and colours.

Finally, we found this neat “Clock In A Tin” product. Something a bit different that could lend itself well to a particular campaign theme; save time etc etc. Call for details.IMG_0588

The Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair is a large trade show spanning many halls and featuring thousands of suppliers. The images shown here clearly aren’t that great, we just snapped stuff on our phones as we saw it, so if you want to see things in more detail please email jonathan.lee@rosslyn.co.uk.

We found the visit very productive and have now begun to process of following up on the contacts we made.  We’re already making plans to return next year.


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