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Are your best young marketing staff about to leave?

unhappy-womanDid you oversell the role to her?

There’s nothing wrong with starting at the bottom. Many of our great industrialists and entrepreneurs began their careers on the shop floor. ‘Working your way up’, it could be argued, is the best approach for developing a complete understanding of a profession, business or sector.

On the other hand, in a buoyant jobs market where talent is hard to come by, is it really smart to have bright, enthusiastic people getting demotivated? Are too many of tomorrow’s Marketing Directors spending most of their time performing secretarial, menial or laborious duties better suited to those without their qualifications? From what we see and hear, the answer is yes.

Remember, your staff have a choice. In fact, they probably have lots of choices and with tools such as LinkedIn they can plot a course with much greater ease than previous generations.

Millennials know there is no such thing as a job for life. They know there will come a time to move on. And unlike their senior colleagues, they no longer see job hopping every once in a while in the same light. Who cares if a CV shows you move around a bit. On the contrary, who wants to hire someone with an obvious lack of ambition?

So if you advertised and interviewed for a “Marketing Executive” but in reality needed a warehouse assistant, office junior or PA, don’t be surprised if your talented young marketeer quickly takes matters into his or her own hands.

Everyone knows that hiring is an expensive process; advertising and recruitment agencies cost, your time to interview does too. But once hired, the costs keep coming and employment law makes it difficult to resolve ‘a misunderstanding’ cheaply.

So don’t loose good people because they didn’t want to spend their lives humping boxes around or counting pens. Offload the admin, supply and logistics side of managing marketing collateral to us. It’s what we do.

Retain talented people for longer because, when they work for you, they actually get to use that talent!

Contact Jonathan Lee to find out how we can free-up your talent to be more productive.


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