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Managing marketing collateral yourself makes no sense

300-Woman-in-boxIf you think it’s smart to be managing your own marketing collateral you are almost certainly wrong.

The current per square foot rate for office space in the City of London is £56.00 per annum + rates + utilities + insurance + etc, etc.

So roughly speaking, that means a box of T shirts is costing around £112.00 a year to sit next to your desk. Accountants of course will tell you that the cost is much, much higher. They will say, that the space that your little box is occupying could be put to more productive use if it were, for example, added with other wasted space and converted into a product demo area, meeting room or desk space for a killer sales guy! Yes your sweet little box of T shirts is hoovering up cash simply by being in situ. You thought they cost £4 each, actually by the time they’ve sat next to your desk for a few weeks, they’ve cost c£5-£6!

Then, if the true cost of storing collateral wasn’t shocking enough for you, we must consider all the other associated costs of managing it. Someone had to be employed to receive the box into the building, sure it only took a minute to greet the driver and sign the delivery note, but that minute costs. Then someone had to be paid to take the box to you, or more likely, you had to go down to Reception in your new suit to struggle with a filthy dirty and surprisingly heavy carton. A typical salary for a Warehouse Assistant in the U.K. is £16,662 per annum. You are probably paid a lot more.


Now, here’s the best bit. Some of the collateral has to be sent to Barcelona. That’s not so bad, no special paperwork required but still the courier needs to be organised and who will pay for it? Then, the remainder has to go to Dubai. Oh, not EU what does that mean? Well that means shipping invoices. Not being ‘a warehouse’ you don’t have spare boxes at hand so now valuable time must be spent packing some product into that Amazon box you happened to have. Problem is it’s too small and how will you weigh it?

So here’s the thing. Managing marketing collateral yourself, even if you produce a relatively small amount, is certainly costing much more than you think. By outsourcing the entire process to us, you will save money, and improve service levels to colleagues within your organisation. Work smarter, save budget and spend more time being creative. It’s not rocket science.

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