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Promotional puzzles promote a solution


If the watch-words of your brief are say “solution”, “integration” or “combination” then you really ought to consider developing a promotional puzzle with us.

Puzzles engage the recipient in a unique way, challenging and entertaining at the same time. Solving a puzzle, however simple, creates a moment of satisfaction. So associating your brand or message with this experience can prove rewarding for your bottom line as well.

The Magic Cube represents the top end of puzzle cubes. Available in magnetic and non magnetic versions, the Magic Cube concept also extends to a variety of shapes.

blog_410111_215408_largeThe promotional Rubik’s cube is probably the best known of our promotional puzzles, but did you know there is now a Rubik’s USB drive, puzzle pen, flashlight, highlighter set, keyring and other similar puzzles such as the Rubik’s Flip-Flop Puzzle and the Rubik’s Snake? All Rubik’s products can be branded in full colour and in every position.

Eco puzzles

If you’re looking for a puzzle with good “environmental” credentials we offer Yo Yo’s made from sustainable wood, puzzles made from recycled materials and playing cards printed on sustainable card. There’s also the Eco cube, a puzzle cube similar to the Magic Cube concept which is manufactured from 100% recyclable plastic and printed on re-cycled paper.

Low cost give-aways

At the lower end there is a selection of puzzles and games designed to be given away en masse. High quality magnetic Word Games are a novel way of getting your message across. Separate and rearrange the pieces to create your own interesting phrases. Lightweight and low cost, they’re ideal for mailings. The Snafooz puzzle is perfect for direct mail campaigns. Flat packed and super lightweight, it’s also a tricky puzzle to solve if you’ve not encountered it before.

Printed yo yo’s are fun and addictive. Then there’s branded playing cards, brain teasers and a wide range of boxed games and game sets.

blog_407993_213489_largeExecutive toys

Executive toys have been in existence for centuries. Traditionally their purpose was to relieve stress or to momentarily distract the user, sorry Executive, from shouldering the colossal burdens of personal responsibility. The key element must be the ‘fiddle factor’, the product must induce a sudden childish urge to fiddle and contemplate.

From the now seriously retro Newtons Cradle, to desk basketball and a variety of other ingenious devices for taking one’s mind off of the job for a few seconds, we have a comprehensive range of ideas on offer.

blog_426825_235511_largeStimulate and communicate

Promotional puzzles and games offer a great opportunity to tie your brand or promotional message to a stimulating, dynamic and engaging product which informs and amuses.

If you like the concept of a puzzle or game, but are not sure how it might work, why not send us details of your campaign or brand and we’ll create some mock-ups for free.

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