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No one ever gets sacked for buying F.U.D.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt sells. As marketing techniques go, F.U.D is old skool.

This age of austerity is extending the corporate minefield of “personal responsibility”. For some, F.U.D offers a shining path to a secure job. Buy F.U.D. and relax.

F.U.D means big. F.U.D means the “status quo”. And F.U.D loves jargon, it cleverly camouflages itself with the latest corporate fad and fashion.

It’s Lehman Brothers, so we’ll be fine

But wait a minute, Lehman Brothers were big. Is big always best? What is “big” really offering?

Then there’s the uncertainty of change, F.U.D’s number one selling point.

But change creates wealth, change is what successful enterprises do. Maintenance of the “status quo” rarely equates to growth.

Have you just been BeFuddled

Trouble is, no one ever gets the sack for buying F.U.D.

But falling for the oldest trick in the book probably denies thousands of businesses the opportunity to grow.

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