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B2B digital marketing: there’s gotta be gold in here somewhere

It’s not heresy to question the value of certain aspects of B2B digital marketing. Blind faith is what it says it is.

And things are changing.

A recent survey discovered that 41% of UK users were becoming bored with social media. And 47% don’t want advertisements getting in the way of their on-line experience.

44% of Twitter and Facebook users ignore the goods and services their friends follow.

Then there’s the latest figures for brand websites. Increasingly, people just don’t bother with them.

Now of course these stats mainly relate to B2C, but that’s the point.

If consumer habits are changing, in an environment where there’s typically much more budget, scope for creativity and greater brand awareness for marketers to play with, it suggests that some B2B digital activities may equate to fools gold.

On the other hand, many companies are successfully using social media as a low cost recruitment tool, and properly integrated campaigns which include a digital component cover all bases or maybe ‘all ages’ is more appropriate! Writing a blog can prove to be a low cost method of lead generation and Twitter offers a great platform for customer support.

Crucially personalization, targeting and segmentation deliver much more impressive stats. Prospectors should think carefully before choosing a spot to start sieving.

So it’s not ‘being negative’ or ‘behind the times’ to look at things from another perspective, to ask why, to test assumptions. The best solution is the one that works. Wasting time and money will never be in fashion.

Digital is one channel in the mix, it should never be the only one. All that glitters isn’t gold.

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