We supply and manage marketing collateral.

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Ta da! We finally got round to distilling our incentives and motivation offering down into a single, dedicated site www.firstincentive.com

Now if you’re looking for someone to motivate 100,000 employees or put in place a complex series of global initiatives hey that’s not us!

But if you’re in need of a simple employee reward programme, some prizes for a competition along with some creative communication, or an affordable channel incentive programme for your reseller network then we’re the people to speak to.

We don’t charge big management fees, we don’t aim to tie you in with over-the-top IT and hours of meetings and endless reports to justify our bill.

We just put simple, effective programmes in place quickly.

We supply a comprehensive range of tangible products spanning all of the key retail categories from electrical products to gym equipment. All the major brands are there.

We also supply vouchers and experiences.

So to find out how we can help you spend more on rewards and less on fees, please contact Jonathan Lee for more information.

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