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Use every opportunity to spread the word

Man entering text into his mobileSimple little things can be very effective.

How often do people send you emails that don’t include their full contact details and a link to their site?

How many emails do you send a day? a month? a year? Where do they all end up?

If you’re busy and email is your primary method of communication its likely your sending between 5-10k per year and that’s just you! what about everybody else in your organisation? and what about the increasing number sent from smartphones?

You could be missing out on literally millions of opportunities to promote your message.

Sure your signature needs to include all the legal stuff (speak to your lawyers about that) but what about the key messages you’re trying to promote at the moment?

Why not insert into your signature a link to the company blog, Twitter page, LinkedIn profile or promotional mini site? New opportunities have a habit of popping up from the most unlikely of sources.

So use every opportunity to spread the word, especially a free one.

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