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Getting down with the kids

Man being coolRecently been trying to keep up with kids use of tech!

Teens into Xbox conference calling, Facebook, instant messaging and shooting video on their phones. They ain’t into a full memory, blogs and email!

BBC iPlayer is king – TV is now what you want when you want it or put another way you can do your homework and have your tea before you watch your favourite show!

Boys are making stop motion Lego movies with their web cams and uploading onto You Tube.

The girls seem more into the Wii – everyone seems to know their body mass index! The kids I know have grown out of DS’s and….PlayStation! – well now you’re talking retro.

Give ‘em a PC hooked up to the net – that’s all they want! But making those on-line games work with all the security is a real flaff.

The kids are alright man!

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