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  1. Top Brand Clothing with your Logo

    Our extensive range of top brand clothing with your logo. Winter coats and jackets can be printed or embroidered with your logo to keep you, your staff, and your clients feeling good – and warm. Choose clothing for your organisation that motivates and inspires.

    From sleek jackets to winter parkas and fashionable bomber jackets, explore our stylish collection from brands including North Face, Rab, Craghoppers, Patagonia, and Berghaus.

    You can create a lasting impression on your recipients. Give something useful and they’ll remember you for a long time after the cold winter months. Provide them with a well thought-out corporate gift that is not only practical, but will also reinforce your brand.

    Video introducing our Top Brand Clothing with your Logo –

    Our video can be found here on our Vimeo Channel

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  2. Hot New Technology – Brand IT

    Rosslyn Marketing Services send out monthly newsletters to our clients and prospective clients. Our Summer 2016 newsflash, Hot New Technology – Brand IT, introduced a selection of new technology products that are available for branding with your company logo.

    We’re an independent, UK based, supplier of marketing collateral products and services.  Our product range spans promotional items, printed literature and displays.

    Our customer base includes many well known international businesses. We maintain our clients with brand continuity and provide helpful advice. As well as sourcing and producing marketing collateral, we store and distribute promotional items on our client’s behalf.   Our business clients enjoy increased brand continuity, economies of scale and shorter lead times by outsourcing the management of their marketing collateral to us.

    Established in 1995, we have earned an enviable reputation for quality and consistency of supply.

    Hot New Technology – Brand IT

    Bluetooth Speakers
    Bluetooth Headphones
    Xoopar Octopus

    Newsletter Hot New Technology – Brand IT

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  3. Rubiks Cube 3D puzzle for branding and marketing

    A robot has just set a new record for the fastest-solved Rubiks Cube, according to its makers.

    The Sub1 Reloaded robot took just 0.637 seconds to analyse the toy and make 21 moves so that each of the cube’s sides showed a single colour.

    That beats a previous record of 0.887 seconds, which was achieved by an earlier version of the same machine using a different processor. (source BBC – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37925028)

    Our Rubik’s Cubes offer your customers the ultimate challenge. These are available in a variety of designs with a full colour digital print for your logo or design. The added complexity to the 3D cube puzzle will keep your company name in your customers’ hands (and minds) for even longer!

    Rubiks Cube in a variety of models –

    Branding and marketing this popular, highly addictive, 3D puzzle can help your business get noticed. We have a variety of promotional ideas and designs available –
    Traditional Rubik’s cubes
    Memo clips
    Rubiks Snake

    Branding a traditional rubiks cube with company logoPlease view our complete range here –


  4. Get Ready for Football Madness!


    Football Euro 2016 From June 10, 2016 to July 10, 2016

    Have your campaigns and footy supporters ready for this summer’s events.

    2e1d9142f95043368b9e32970a234acfMini Promotional Footballs to kick off Euro 2016. Balls are supplied ready inflated or with valves and pumps.

    The whole surface can be branded.





    e8d2375be98f4974958537a225756046National Flag body paint stick presented in silver case and transparent in the middle.

    Available in a multitude of European flag colours.





    b5cca2de37b44131bae158a3bed2f0fdCookie jar

    Filled with foil covered chocolate Footballs fully branded on the Lid and sides.






    050793b7ed9c46deab7184adf42a14ae500 ml. Foldable water bottle in football shape.

    Made in BPA free plastic with carabiner to clip on to a belt or bag for convenience.






    61c146567793435d8bf4fbe73e62de2aPoncho in a plastic football with coloured belt attachment.

    Every sports fan will be prepared for Summer 2016!





  5. Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby


    What kind of relationship do you want with your customers?

    Why have a logo? In fact, why have a name at all? You could just be 4672867 Ltd. Hey, and why employ sales people? when you could just host a few forms and invest in voice recognition! Strip out the variables, do away with the immeasurable, bin the old-school. Hmmm..

    Well guess what, people want to meet, they want to touch, feel, smell and interact. Funnily enough it’s why they go to restaurants and bars, and join clubs and sign-up to dating sites. How many of your customers would prefer a blow up doll to the real thing? Don’t answer that.

    If you think B2B marketing is just about spreadsheets and pipelines – you think everything can be done remotely, synthetically, clinically, without the need for messy, unquantifiable human interaction – you have chosen to ignore millions of years of data. Yes, you know how you get aroused by big data, well you’re betting that the biggest database of all, evolution, is wrong. The Royal Society is dying to hear your lecture!

    What’s been going on in marketing during the past 10 years is a classic case of “group think”, a mass hysteria which has blinded quite reasonable people. Essentially, the marketing department has been taken over by types who think emailing a voucher code is the perfect substitute for choosing and wrapping a Christmas present which really meant something. These characters think there’s no difference between your kids making a birthday card for you, and someone else buying a card with a pre-written message in some spoof kiddie font. 

    Social media marketing has promised much, but delivered little. And no, it’s not too soon to judge it. Digital advertising is snake oil. SEO is the snake from which the oil was derived. Meeting people face to face, pah!, that’s so eighties. Attending an event, creating a great direct mail piece, throwing a party, having some fun – are you some sort of 90’s throw back!

    Marketing that isn’t fun, creative, impactful and innovative is called Administration. Is that what you call sexy?

  6. Marketing collateral: 3 steps to improve ROI

    3stepsHere are 3 steps to help you get more value from your investment in print, promotional merchandise and displays.

    1. Process

    Create a web based store so that your team’s requirements can be serviced more efficiently, and recorded properly. Such a process will allow data, on expenditure and usage, to be automatically collated. It will also give you an instant overview of what is being purchased, by whom and for what purpose.

    Whether you’re spending £25k a year or £2.5m a year on marketing collateral, it still makes sense to properly record and manage the materials you have purchased. Having a process, instead of a room full of half empty boxes and broken banners, will improve your ROI.

    2. Consolidation

    Consolidate your overall requirements into one supply relationship to reduce waste, improve service levels and brand continuity. Benefit from the simple principle of economy of scale. Consolidate the admin with monthly billing in a format to suit your internal procedures.

    Individuals tend not to consider the bigger purchasing picture. Purchasing locally, on an ad hoc basis, increases admin and set-up costs and risks unnecessary duplication. As shipping costs have plummeted, due to low oil prices, more than ever before, an international solution for managing marketing collateral offers improved ROI.

    3. Sharing

    Sharing resources, and understanding what others in your team are doing, offers great value and flexibility. For example, a system to manage the loan of display assets, such as banners and pop up stands,  will help to reduce costs and lead times for all.

    Working as a team, via the framework of a proper system, offers the best ROI.

    So if you want to improve ROI and service levels, get a process, consolidate and start sharing. Print, promotional merchandise and displays can offer a great return but, sadly, all too often the positive contribution they can make to your marketing effort is negated due to mismanagement.

    If you would like to know how we can help you get more value from your marketing collateral, contact Jonathan Lee +44 162 852 7666 for more details.

  7. LinkedIn out loud

    Joseph & Joseph Productions get actors to read real LinkedIn profile lines. Yes, people really do think it’s cool to write nonsense like this!

  8. Summer promotional ideas


    Don’t leave it too late to order your Summer themed merchandise.

    If you’re looking to create Summer themed promotional items or maybe some branded merchandise for a Summer event, we’ve got a great range of stock lines AND access to factories able to custom manufacture products on your behalf. From branded tents for festivals to printed T shirts for that Tough Mudder you’ve been talked into!

    Our stock lines include;

    Cooler bags – great for picnics, great for parties and the beach.

    Can and bottle coolers – low cost, bring your brand to the party.

    Sunglasses – corporate travel gift, ideal for a goody bag or welcome pack.

    Hats and caps – still very popular, low cost and always welcome on a hot day!

    Parasols – brand your venue.

    Beach towels – everyone could do with another beach towel right!

    Beach balls and beach bags – fun, low cost and useful.

    Inflatables – kick back and relax in the pool.

    Barbecue – from great gift sets to the perfect premium.

    Flip Flops – the ultimate low cost Summer give-away.

    Festival items, promotional tents and wristbands – mud, beer and great music.

    Travel items – a huge range of useful gifts ideal for B2B campaigns.

    Picnic items – friendly, seasonal and contemporary gifts.

    We have a huge range of Mens T shirts and Ladies T shirts and tops from all the major brands including Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes and Sols. We can supply within just 7 days, so if you would like a competitive quote on printed T shirts please give us a call.

    So now is the time to develop your Summer promotional ideas for your corporate event, festival, sponsored event, party or themed promotional campaign.

    For more information email jonathan.lee@rosslyn.co.uk or call +44 (0) 162 852 7666.